Imagine the quiet of a room that doesn’t project the noise of a television or telephone ringing. A place you can wake up, grab a cup of coffee and then walk outside and relax on the deck. Our accommodations are decorated in a woodsy décor and are fully equipped for your stay. All come complete with linens, towels, and major appliances. A canoe is included for your use during your stay at Voyageur. Pets are welcome for a fee of $22.00 per day but must be quiet, friendly, well behaved and leashed while outdoors. We have bunkhouses available for the night before your canoe trip or for a bunkhouse stay when minimal amenities are required.

Cabin Amenities:
Cabin Name Sleeps Bathroom Fireplace Jacuzzi Tub Dock Deck Location Winter
Riverside 6 privacy 4 Yes Gas No Private Private On property Yes
Paddler/Angler 6 privacy 4 Yes Gas Yes Shared Shared Lodge room Yes
Waters Edge 8 privacy 4 Yes Gas No Private Private 1/2 mile by road No
Waters Edge II (Guest Cabin) 4 privacy 2 Yes No No Private Private 1/2 mile by road No
Black Bear 6 privacy 2 Bathhouse No No Shared Private On property by water only No
Top of the Trail 8 privacy 6 Yes Wood No Private Private No Yes
The Lookout 8 privacy 4 Yes Gas No Private No Yes
2018 Cabin Rates
Cabin Name Weekly 6 Nights 5 Nights 4 Nights 3 Nights 1 Night
Riverside $1630 $1467 $1284 $1130 $932 $342
Paddler/Angler $1038 $934 $817 $687 $541 $198
Waters Edge $1729 $1556 $1362 $1198 $989 $362
Waters Edge II (Guest Cabin) $420 $378 $331 $291 $240 $88
Black Bear $700 $630 $551 $485 $400 3 Night Min.
Top of the Trail $2400 $2400 $2000 $1600 $1200 $400
The Lookout $1729 $1556 $1362 $1198 $989 $362
Our rates are quoted for up to four people in each unit. Each additional person requires a per night fee of $22.00. We welcome pets for a fee of $22.00 per night.

Voyageur's Guarantee

We promise to make your participation with Voyageur a success. Please let us know if any part of your experience, which was under our control, did not meet your satisfaction. We will make it right for you!