At Voyageur Canoe Outfitters we know how valuable vacation time is. We want you to be able to make the most of your time in the wilderness so we offer lodging and a tow boat service from our property which has direct access into Saganaga Lake and the Quetico Park. It’s nice to get an early start in the morning and we understand how important it is to get a good night’s sleep before your canoe trip. We have private bunkhouses for your group and can feed you an all you can eat pancake breakfast in the morning so you’ll have plenty of energy to paddle to your wilderness campsite. After your canoe camping trip we’ll supply you with a clean towel so you can take a refreshing shower before heading back down the Gunflint Trail.

If you aren’t in a hurry to get back to civilization then enjoy another night in a bunkhouse before you jump in the car and head home. Doing this allows you time to relax after your canoe paddle back to Voyageur and helps you adjust to being back in “civilization”. Who wants to jump in a car and drive home right after a wonderful canoe trip? Not us! Add a bunkhouse stay, breakfast, shower, or all of the above to your Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness adventure!

Bunkhouse Accomodations

Some of our bunkhouses (camper cabins) are located across the river on a piece of land only accessible by boat or canoe, making them very private.  Each bunkhouse has a grill or picnic table conveniently located nearby so you can enjoy a nice evening’s meal and conversation with your group.  The bunkhouses are located within walking distance of the bathroom and shower facilities. For an evening stay you will need to bring your sleeping bag and any personal toiletry articles with you.

We do have four bunkhouses on the lodge side of the Seagull River. If we only have four groups arriving then your group will have the choice to stay on this side of the river or across the river otherwise these bunks are normally reserved for groups arriving after 10pm.  If you prefer to stay on this side of the river then we suggest renting the lodge unit or cabin for the evening.

Pancake Breakfast
Our Voyageur Chef literally makes the best pancakes in the world. It’s all you can eat pancakes served with a piece of sausage, orange juice and coffee.

If you have special dietary needs then please notify us prior to your stay so we can accommodate you. 

Bunkhouse, Breakfast & Shower Rates (Per Person)

1st Night Bunkhouse Stay with Complete Outfitting PackageFree
Bunkhouse Only (1st Night)$22.00
Breakfast Only$8.00
Shower Only$6.00
Bunkhouse, Breakfast, and Shower Combo (Shower on Return from Trip)
(Free with Complete Outfitting)



Make the most of your time in the canoe country wilderness and take advantage of our tow boat service.  For a small investment you can spend more time in the Quetico Park or paddle only zone of the BWCAW. If you are planning a trip to the Quetico Park or you have an entry point into Saganaga Lake, then read why it makes sense to reserve a tow

Voyageur is located on the Seagull River with direct access into Saganaga Lake immediately from our dock.  This means you can drive to our place, unload your equipment into the towboat, and start your trip in a matter of minutes.  If you want to save valuable paddling time, then it makes sense to get a tow from Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.

Reservations and desired tow times are appreciated but not necessary.   Your reserved tow time and pick up are estimated approximate times.  We ask you to be punctual and prepared for your agreed upon time, however due to high winds, waves, or unforeseeable delays we cannot guarantee the exact time that you will arrive at your drop off point.   We do our very best to accommodate your schedule and we appreciate your understanding with this matter.  Parking is not included in the price of a tow.

Why Tow?
There is something wonderful about putting in the effort to paddle to your destination.  We are not denying that at all… but sometimes, the wind is just not in your favor, right?  Or sometimes you happen to get a late start and you really want to get to that campsite before anyone else gets it, right?   Here are a few reasons we have found our tow service valuable; for our own personal canoe camping trips and for our guests as well: 

  • You have first dibs on campsites.  Think about it… You saw that group paddle out 20 minutes ago, heading in the same direction that you are heading.   They have less gear and a lighter, quicker, Kevlar Canoe… You have yourself, your dog or child, etc… and loads of gear.  What should you do?   You could paddle hard and hope to pass them… Or you could take advantage of our tow service and fly right past them. 
  • Last night when you arrived the evening was nice, but the smell of rain lingered in the fresh air.  This morning, it’s 7 a.m. and you are ready to go, but man is it windy… In fact, the wind is coming straight out of the North and you’ve heard there are swells on the lake.  What should you do?   Paddle against it or skip through the wind and rain in our tow boat! 
  • You have been dying to get to the BWCAW this year to do some serious fishing at Knife Lake, but your employer only gave you the weekend off.   So you left Friday after work, arrived at Voyageur late last night, and now it is the morning of your trip.  You could spend your whole first day paddling or you could tow to American Point, save hours of paddling, and then be only a few hours from fishing on Knife Lake.  Life is good.

Tow Service on Saganaga Entry Point 55

Tow Boat Service Rates Per Person

DestinationRate One WayRate Round TripDistanceCountryPaddling Time Saved
American Point$52.00$80.006.25 milesU.S.2 1/2 – 5 hrs.
Quetico Park
(Hook Island)
$52.00$80.006.5 milesCanada2 1/2 – 5 hrs.
Sag Falls$45.00$75.006.0 milesU.S. Canada2 – 4 hrs.
Red Rock Portage$60.00$85.008.0 milesU.S.3-6 hrs
(Old Customs)
$40.00$65.004.75 milesCanada1 – 3 hrs.
Northern Light Rail$60.00$87.0012.5 milesCanada4 – 8 hrs.
Northern Light Rapids$52.00$80.008.5 milesCanada3 – 6 hrs.
Powells Portage$52.00$80.007.0 milesCanada3 – 6 hrs.

Paddling time estimates based on average paddlers in average conditions.


Voyageur's Guarantee

We promise to make your participation with Voyageur a success. Please let us know if any part of your experience, which was under our control, did not meet your satisfaction. We will make it right for you!