Boundary Waters Canoe Trip Packing
When packing for a Boundary Waters canoe camping adventure you will want to make sure you have all of the essentials. At Voyageur Canoe Outfitters we have a number of the essentials for sale in our store or you can bring along your own items. You can always rinse your clothes out while in the wilderness so do not overpack clothes. Keep in mind it’s cooler in the BWCAW in the early spring and late fall so you need to pack accordingly. Layering is the most effective way to keep warm. Lightweight wool or polypro is the best for warmer weather and great for cool weather because it provides warmth even when wet.

What to Pack for the Boundary Waters

  • *One loose fitting T-shirt (quick dry material)
  • *One long sleeve shirt (quick dry or moisture – wicking material)
  • *One warm long-sleeved shirt (hooded sweatshirt or flannel shirt)
  • One pair of shorts
  • One swimsuit or swim shorts
  • One pair of lightweight pants (fast drying)
  • One pair warm pants (wool or sweat pants)
  • A few pair of socks and underwear (wool socks are great) 
  • Two pairs of shoes (one pair of Chaco’s or wet shoes, one pair of ankle supporting shoes, or Goretex boots)
  • *One rainsuit (both pants and jacket used for windbreaker on cool days)
  • *One hat (wide brimmed for sun or rain protection)
  • *A flashlight or headlamp
  • *A good pocket knife or small saw
  • *First Aid Kit
  •  Repair Kit
  • *Sunscreen
  • *Mosquito repellent
  • *Lip balm
  • *Head nets
  • *Sunglasses
  • *Camera
  • *A good book
  • *Fishing gear
  • Pillow case (fill with clothes and use as a pillow)
  • *Camp pillow
  • *Deck of cards
  • *Compass
  • *Water Bottle
  • *Water Filter
  • *Notebook and pencil
  • *Day pack or fanny pack
  • Crazy Creek Chair or other camp chair (we rent both of these)
  • Solar Shower
  • *Hammock
  • *SPF Long Sleeve Shirt
  • In the spring or fall – add a set of wool or goretex clothing, hat, gloves, wool socks and warm boots.

+Bring a clean set of clothes for the trip home.
Items with an * are available in our store

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