Quetico Entry Point Clay Lake 

Minimum Trip Length 5-7 Days 

This is a trip of a lifetime! There is nothing quite like having a float plane drop you off in the middle of the wilderness and watching it fly away, leaving you and your canoe to find your way out. Fly – In trips are our favorite trips to hear about and something we hope everyone of our guests can experience. This trip is remote, scenic, and has amazing fishing. 

Route Description: 

From Voyageur we will load you up in the tow boat and bring you to your plane pickup location on Saganaga Lake. The Plane will pick you up and fly you to Clay Lake where it will land on the lake and unload you and your canoe. The plane ride is about 30-40minutes and you get one of a kind views of the wilderness. The fun part is unloading into your canoes and watching the plane take off leaving you in the remote wilderness. 

From Clay lake you will paddle onto the Greenwood creek. The Greenwood depending on water levels can be a challenge or smooth sailing but we will update you on water levels and conditions before you head out on your trip so you know what to expect. From the Greenwood you will paddle into the beautiful Wawiag River. This is a Voyageur favorite. This river has amazing scenery and great opportunities to see and hear wildlife. You will stay on the Wawiag until you hit Kawa Bay where you will come to your first portage. 

Once you are in Kawnipi you will be able to find a campsite and rest after your first day on the water. Kawnipi is known for its remoteness and amazing fishing. Make sure to plan some time to explore this lake! From Kawnipi you will head towards the first falls of the trip (Kennebis Falls). There is a short portage here to get around the waterfall. From here you will head to Kenny Lake and onto Canyon and Koko Falls. Take your time coming down the falls chain if you can, it is a great area to fulfill your need for scenery and do some swimming (depending on the time of the year). There are three unnamed falls that you will come up on (we call them Awesome, Blossom and Possum). One of these falls has a wonderful Bald Rock to take a break on and eat some lunch or relax in the sun. 

Through all of these falls you will be heading to Saganagons where we also suggest spending some time. There is great fishing on Saganagons and it is a great lake to have a layover day. Towards the end of your trip you will be headed out through Silver Falls and into Cache Bay. Silver Falls is an amazing 30ft waterfall that is great to take some breaks on and enjoy the scenery. After you paddle into Cache Bay make sure you stop and see the ranger at the ranger station. Then it is off to Hook Island where your tow boat will be waiting for you after an amazing trip in the Quetico Provincial Park!