BWCAW  Entry Point 50 Cross Bay, Entry Point 51 Missing Link, Entry Point 52 Brandt
Minimum Trip Length 6 Days

BWCA Maps Needed:

  • Fisher Maps: F-12
  • McKenzie Maps: 7
  • Voyageur Maps: 6, 8, 9

Fast Facts:

LakeDNR #Fish SpeciesMaximum DepthAcresElevationCampsites
Cross RiverH-1-119Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pikeunknown18.6 miles16910
Ham16060800Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike4010016994
Cross Bay16052600unknown1015.817082
Rib1605440Northern Pike108217351
Lower George16054600unknown102117450
Karl16046100Lake Trout, Northern Pike7010517621
Long Island16046000Lake Trout, Northern Pike85864176214
Gordon16056900Northern Pike9513917762
Frost16057100Lake Trout, Northern Pike8823617735
Frost RiverH-1-113-19Northern Pikeunknownunknown12 miles long0
Chase16057500Northern Pike, Walleye, Largemouth Bass953117040
Afton16074000Northern Pikeunknown2916531
Mora16073200Northern Pike4020516143
Crooked16072300Lake Trout, Northern Pike6623316376
Gillis16075300Lake Trout, Northern Pike18057016517
Bat16075200Lake Trout1108017043
Gotter16060300Northern Pikeunknown2117560
Brandt16060000Northern Pike8010417593
Edith16060400Northern Pike441017560
West Round16060500Northern Pike, Perch, Sucker201017560
Round16060600Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike45154.4817440


Portages out of Ham
Portages out of Cross BayPortages out of RibPortages out of Lower George
-North 40 rod
-South 24 rod to Cross Bay
N 24 rod to Ham
-W 47 rod to Snipe
-S 56 rod to Rib
-N 56 rod to Cross Bay
-S 37 rod to Lower George
-N 37 rod to Rib
-S 28 rod to Karl



Portages out of KarlPortages out of Long IslandPortages out of GordonPortages out of Unload
N 28 rod to Lower George
-SW 35 rod to Long Island
NW 35 rod to Karl
-NE 109 rod to Cave
-E 4 rod to Muskeg
-S 5 rod to Gordon
-N 28 rod to Long Island River
-S 13 rod to  Cherokee
-W 140 rod to Unload
-E 140 rod to Gordon
-W to Frost
Portages out of FrostPortages out of Frost RiverPortages out of OctopusPortages out of Pencil
-E to Unload
-SW 130 rod to Frost River

–W 15 rod to Octopus
-W 10 rod through river
-W 25 rod through
-W 20 rod through
-NW 30 rod to Chase
-10 rod through
-5 rod through
-10 rod through
-15 rod through
-20 rod through
E 15 rod to Frost River
-W 10 rod to Frost River

Portages out of Chase

-SE 30 rod to Frost River
-SW 15 rod to Bologna
-W 10 rod to Pencil
-E 10 rod to Chase
-W 50 rod to Frost River

Portages out of Afton

-20 rod SE to Frost River
-20 rod NW to Fente
Portages out of Fente
Portages out of WhippedPortages out of TimePortages out of Mora
SE 20 rod to Afton
-SW 300 rod to Hub
-NW 15 rod to Whipped
SE 20 rod to Fente
-N 100 rod to Whipped
-NW 45 rod to Little SaganagaS 100 rod to Whipped
-N 10 rod to Tarry
Portages out of TarryPortages out of CrookedPortages out of GillisPortages out of Bat
-S 10 rod to Mora
-N 50 rod to Crooked
-S 50 rod to Tarry
-E 55 rod to Owl
-N 90 rod to Giliis
-S 90 rod to Crooked
-NE 25 rod to Bat
-NW 25 rod to Fern
-S 25 rod to Gillis
-E 20 rod to Green


Portages out of GreenPortages out of FlyingPortages out of GotterPortages out of Brandt
W 20 rod to Bat
-E 70 rod to Flying
SW 70 rod to Green
-SE 50 rod to Gotter
-NW 70 rod to Fay
-W 50 rod to Flying
-E 100 rod to Brant
W 100 rod to Gotter
-E 35 rod to Edith
Portages out of EdithPortages out of West RoundPortages out of Round 
W 35 rod to Brant
-E 50 rod to West Round
W 50 rod to Edith
-SE 85 rod to Round
-NW 85 rod to West Round
-SW 142 rod to Missing Link
-E 50 rod to Ham (through cross river)

Route Description:

A Short Story: