BWCAW Entry Point 58 South(3 entry permits), 60 Duncan(3 entry permits)
Minimum Trip Length 3 Days

BWCA Maps Needed:

  • Fisher Maps: F-13
  • McKenzie Maps: 3, 2E
  • Voyageur Maps: 9

Fast Facts:

LakeDNR #Fish SpeciesMaximum DepthAcresElevationCampsites
Gunflint16035600Walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass, northern pike2004009.0415436
Little Gunflint16033000Walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike169515432
Little North16032900Walleye, northern pike239815460
North16033100Walleye, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike125269515465
South16024400Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass140119015517
Rat16022900Smallmouth Bass55615510
Rose16023000Walleye, lake trout,  smallmouth bass90131516787
Duncan16023200Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass13048116587
Bearskin16022800Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike7849316781


Portages out of GunflintPortages out of Little GunflintPortages out of Little NorthPortages out of North
NW to Magnetic
-NE to Little Gunflint
NE 20 rods to Little North
-SW to Gunflint
SW 20 rods to Little Gunflint
-East to North
-South 80 rods to South


Portages out of SouthPortages out of RatPortages out of RosePortages out of Duncan
NW 80 rods to North
-East 57 rods to Rat
West 57 rods to South
-East 4 rods to Rose
South 80 rods to Duncan
-SE 337 rods to fork, 87 rods to Daniels or 291 rods to Rove
-West 4 rods to Rat
South 53 rods to Moss
-SW 230 rods to Partridge
-SE 75 rods to Bearskin
-NE 80 rods to Rose
Portages out of Bearskin   
-North 60 rods to Daniels
-South 21 rods to Hungry Jack
-West 75 rods to Duncan

Route Description:

A Short Story: