Quetico Entry Point : Man Chain Lakes 

Minimum Trip Length 6 Days 

The Man Chain Route is one of the few loop routes in the area. We always suggest our tow service which will bring you to Hook Island right from the docks of Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. No need to load into a car and then into a boat, we are right on Seagull River and the most convenient choice for your Quetico trip. After utilizing our tow service, you will be at Hook Island ready to paddle into Cache Bay where you will obtain your entry permit and get any last-minute park updates from the Quetico Ranger. You can also obtain your Canadian Fishing license at the ranger station or online. 

Quetico Maps Needed : 

Fisher Maps – F19 & F18 & F11 

McKenzie Maps – 6A & 26 & 27 & 9 & 8


Route Discription: 

Once you have everything you need you will be ready to paddle onto Silver Falls. Silver Falls is an amazing waterfall with a portage around it of 123 rods. This portage has many “pause” points where you can stop, take a rest and enjoy the waterfall. 

After paddling away from Silver Falls you will head north west towards the 17-rod portage to Slate Lake. From Slate Lake you will paddle south west to Fran Lake where you will come to yet another 17-rod portage. 

The following smaller narrow lakes will take you from Fran into Bell (67-rods). Depending on water levels some of these portages can be skipped. From Bell you will paddle onto Bit Lake and either take the small stream or 56 rod portage around it and head east towards Other Man Lake. This is where the Man Chain Lakes come in. There is a 29 portage into Other Man from Bit Lake. From Other Man Lake you will come to a small rapid between Other Man and This Man, if this water is not passable there is a 67-rod portage. This Man is a long narrow lake with great scenery. 

This route features high bluffs and great fishing for all four species.  From This Man you head to the 36-rod portage into the small lake of No Man. From No Man Lake there is a 103-rod portage into That Man Lake. From That Man you will portage 46-rods into Emerald Lake. This is a great lake to spend a night on enjoying the scenery and doing some fishing. From Emerald into Plough Lake there is a 82 rod portage and this is the point in the route where you will start heading North East. From Plough Lake you will head towards Ottertrack Lake. 

You will follow Ottertrack to Monument Portage (79-rods). This portage is right on the border between Canada and the US. This portage will take you from Ottertrack into Swamp Lake where you will paddle on to Hook Island and see your tow boat waiting for you after an amazing trip in the Quetico Provintial Park! 

The total miles for this route is about 50 and we recommend reserving 6-7 days to complete it. This is a great route to get into the Quetico, see some amazing scenery, catch some fish and spend time in the remote wilderness. We know this is a lot of information to read over so please call us with any questions you have and we would be happy to answer them!