Tow Services

Feel free to add this item and select dates that best fit your trip or use the Beginning/Ending date as your tow boat drop-off/pickup! Prices are per person so add the quantity based on how many people are in your group.



Make the most of your time in the canoe country wilderness and take advantage of our tow boat service.  For a small investment you can spend more time in the Quetico Park or paddle only zone of the BWCAW. If you are planning a trip to the Quetico Park or you have an entry point into Saganaga Lake, then read why it makes sense to reserve a tow.

Voyageur is located on the Seagull River with direct access into Saganaga Lake immediately from our dock.  This means you can drive to our place, unload your equipment into the towboat, and start your trip in a matter of minutes.  If you want to save valuable paddling time, then it makes sense to get a tow from Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.

Reservations and desired tow times are appreciated but not necessary.   Your reserved tow time and pick up are estimated approximate times.  We ask you to be punctual and prepared for your agreed upon time, however due to high winds, waves, or unforeseeable delays we cannot guarantee the exact time that you will arrive at your drop off point.   We do our very best to accommodate your schedule and we appreciate your understanding with this matter.  Parking is not included in the price of a tow.